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In Washington we are pleased to announce the coming release of a TV segment filmed in Washington featuring the LeMay Family Collection as the Official Best Automotive & Collectables Attraction in Washington for 2013.

The feature will be shown on FOX Seattle and on The Discovery Channel nationally in October, 2013 and placed on the national travel site, .

Saturday October 5 at 2:00 pm on KCPQ FOX channel 13 in Seattle Wednesday October 2 at 5:00 am E/P on The Discovery Channel The Official Best Of originated in January, 2007 as a travel TV show and website only covering a few states. Today Official Best Of covers 28 states with the remaining states plus other countries being covered in 2013.

The Official Best Of studios are located in Hollywood, CA and has researchers that spend at least 2 months per show compiling a collection of the very best attractions and destinations in each given state. Once the research is complete and destinations are chosen in a state, a show is produced and aired. Produced according to each individual state, each state’s show is promoted and aired within that state as well as promoted on a national level. Each TV segment is also featured on the website. One distinction that sets Official Best Of apart from many other travel sites is that it doesn’t accept advertising on either its television programs or its website. The selection of attractions is by merit, and lesser-known but worthy attractions are given the same attention as famous ones.

As with each TV show production, the website offers a great resource for those planning a vacation, day trip or outing for residents within Washington as well as folks all across the country. Official Best Of is currently working on covering all 50 states plus exploring other countries.

Visit to see the states already covered.



First “Sold-Out” Auction Runs 200+ Collector, Classic, Sports and Muscle Cars before Record Crowds, Online Bidding Pool.

Screen Shot 2013 09 11 at 5.54.17 PM 300x218 MARYMOUNT’S THIRD “LUCKY” AUCTION CATCHES FIRE

Auctioneer Jeff Stokes fields a firestorm of competing in-person and online bidders as LeMay Family Collection Foundation’s principal Doug LeMay operates the controls of Lucky’s rotating auction block to send one of 200+weekend collector lots spinning.

Record Crowds, Online Bidding Pool: Filled to capacity with standing-room-only crowds, Saturday’s “LeMay Weekend” Fall Classic set new attendance and participation records for the fast-growing Lucky Collector Car Auction series held at Marymount Event Center in Tacoma. The third-ever auction, which achieved unheard of sell-through results at its June “Lucky Trucky” event, benefits from the strong support of the LeMay Family Collection Foundation (LFCF) and is receiving greater and greater recognition from regional, national and even international bidders.

In addition to the shoulder-to-shoulder throng pressing the fire lane ropes around Lucky’s rotating sales block, preliminary auction reports indicate that a collective international bidding pool of nearly 400 competed for the full slate of rapidly passing lots—in person, online and via Lucky’s on-floor telephonic/ remote bidding desk.


New collector car auction in Tacoma

This car auction is a development of generations of family interest both in Tacoma, Seattle and the surrounding areas. The LeMay Family Collection and its patron Harold are world renowned and legendary. Harold’s keen eye and pronounced love of collector cars has settled into his progeny to an indelible degree – his wife, Nancy, and son, Doug, as well as many other family members and loyal friends and supporters also carry the legacy onward.

1959 Opel P1 Website Launched

gtony 300x179 1959 Opel P1 Website LaunchedThe subject of countless interviews for television, radio, film and print, this is the world-famous and world-renowned Opel Experimental prototype. It holds the world record to date for a gasoline-powered vehicle of its size and only mild modification from the original stock pushrod engine.

This 1959 Opel P1  became a Shell Experimental Car in 1973. It  is unmolested and appears complete just as it was during Shell Oil Co’s test. The team individual names who developed and prepared the car are painted on the rear deck. This car was ‘ forgotten’ at the Talledega SuperSpeedway’s Motorsports Hall of Fame, and was purchased from the Track when they liquidated some inventory.

This is the new official website of the world-record setting 1959 Opel P-1 Hardtop—the car that shattered the record:

Lucky Collector Car Auctions


timthumb 300x171 Lucky Collector Car AuctionsLucky Collector Car Auction is a local regional collector car sale located upon the beautiful and historical grounds at Marymount just outside of Tacoma, Washington.

Home to the LeMay Family Collection Foundation, it is strategically located in a site close to Seattle and surrounding areas, Canada, Oregon, Eastern Washington and the Olympic Peninsula to the west. The permanent collection at Marymount is ideal as a backdrop for special events and Lucky intends to have auctions in the future as well. Portions of all proceeds will benefit the foundation. The kick-off VIP Party (invitation only) will benefit additional charities.

Lucky Collector Car Auctions is designed to be family oriented and a fun experience for all participants.

We will be posting conditions and terms of sale in the coming few weeks. Feel free to send us a message and to get on to our mailing list about this and upcoming events. Please also feel free to call with any questions 1-888-672-0020. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Mermaid Art Kauai

Honu Dreams 620 224x300 Mermaid Art KauaiNew website launched for a mermaid artist on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  The website features paintings of Mermaids, shown at Moonbow Magic in Hanapepe and Cane Field Clothing and Gallery at Kilohana. Soon to be at two more galleries on Kauai and sold through the mail.

All paintings are original watercolors, and are sold on organic sugar cane printing paper.

Mermaid Art Boom

Mermaid art has become increasing popular in recent years, and mermaid paintings are a great way to indulge in your passion for these fantastic creatures.  Purchase a print and frame it today!

Inventory management will be the key to used car dealer success in 2012

highlight mobile 02 300x165 Inventory management will be the key to used car dealer success in 2012

There is good reason for a confidence boom. The U.S. consumers are once again keeping their current vehicles longer. This creates more business for auto repair shops around the country as consumers keep their cars running good. Ride and Drive Autos in Tavares, FL has added Service and Parts to the dealership to maintain revenue to compliment their used car sales revenue.

Now the biggest hurdle of being a used car dealership in 2012 is going to be buying used cars at a wholesale price that makes sense. With fewer cars being traded in there is limited selection at the auctions and wholesale prices have increased steadily since 2010. This makes used car dealer’s profit margins razor thin. Which puts the pressure on General Managers to increase volume. Well Ride and Drive Autos is overcoming these digging for wholesale deals and knowing what vehicles are the best to keep on the lot. As the title of this article says inventory management will be the key to used car dealer success in 2012.

“I am happy with the sales and service numbers we are posting now. We are seeing increased floor traffic and sales coming in from greater distances. We have managed to keep our profit margin in the myth of rising wholesale prices.” Says Sean Roche, CEO at Ride and Drive Autos. Their inventory is cycling quickly and the profits are increasing. Ride and Drive Autos has an expectation of continued success and as the economy continues its recovery, Ride and Drive Autos is continually solidifying their online presence via a focused search optimization campaign managed by Sean Roche.

“I am excited to see our customers asking about our service department. It is nice to know we are doing all this with only our location and internet marketing. Watching our websites improve and generate leads is exciting!” — Sean “Kid” Roche-CEO Ride and Drive Autos.

The greatest sales challenge facing small used car dealers is getting the vehicles in front of the eyes of serious used car buyers. Great looking and easy to see store locations are not enough to consistently drive ideal prospects into dealers showrooms. You must have a strong internet presence and of course a sales staff that can close deals. If you’re not on the internet then you have to have a compounded marketing effort to generate traffic to your small store. But a strong Location is a good foundation to build on especially in rural markets. Also with a strong location your whole business benefits from Sales to Service.

Ride and Drive Autos is a first class company that believes in customer satisfaction and is a great example of how to treat bad credit and good credit customers with respect. They provide a world class sales experience, quality vehicle service and discounted OEM and aftermarket auto parts. If you live in or around the north Orlando, FL area please visit Ride and Drive Autos or check us out online at

New Action / Suspense Movie the Dirty Bomb Produced in West Michigan

Dirty Bomb is an independently produced Film that involved over 70 local (Michigan/West Michigan) actors and crew. The film was shot in and around the Greater Grand Rapids area and features many recognizable landmarks. Many West Michigan businesses, such as Varnum LLP, JW’s Coffee House, etc have assisted in the making of this film, by donating their locations for filming (and keeping the cast and crew in coffee!)

New Action / Suspense Movie the Dirty Bomb Produced in West Michigan Premiering Thursday June 7th @ Celebration Cinema North New Action / Suspense Movie the Dirty Bomb Produced in West Michigan Premiering Thursday June 7th @ Celebration Cinema North

Director Jason James and Script Supervisor Tiffany Robinson were the primary creative force behind this production. Countless others worked behind the scenes to make the film a reality.

Lead roles in the film are played by local actors include Liz Nolan, John Westra (an Ada Township Trustee), Edward J Nelson, Ben Rodriguez and David Phifer.

The Best Civil Lawsuit Can Fall Apart By Just One Thing

First, the Rule of Civil Procedure states in some jurisdictions that you can mail the summons with the civil lawsuit complaint to your defendant by the means of the United States Post Office, but must get a registered return receipt signed by the defendant. Thus, you may think that this is a cost effective way to serve your plaintiff, because it can be accomplished with a few dollars. The problem is that it may be the most cost effective, but it is not the most effective way to serve your defendant with service of process. The first thing a competent defense lawyer does when defending his client who was served with a summons and complaint to appear in court, is consider the means by which his client was served with service of process. If someone other than the defendant signs receiving it at the address of the defendant, a defense lawyer can give you a headache. The defendant’s lawyer may state, that the person who signed for package that contains the summons and complaint, that there is no proof that the person who signed for the service of process was 18 years old or older, and that the person resides at the defendant’s address.

There was a case in which a lawyer was sued for malpractice. The plaintiff used the U.S. mail with registered returned receipt requested to serve the lawyer with service of process. The lawyer signed the returned receipt, but when the lawyer realized what he had done, he made the argument that he was not served properly. The lawyer in defending himself filed a motion to squash service. The lawyer’s argument was that the signature on the return receipt may not be his, and that there was no summons sent with the complaint.

The fact is a defendant will grab onto to anything to try and get rid of a civil lawsuit, when they do not have any real defense against a complaint, beyond lack of personal jurisdiction. Personal jurisdiction is an affirmative defense, and it is useful if defendant’s can stretch out a debate in court arguing whether they were served properly with service of process, or not. In the meantime, it costs you money to keep up with the fight, and it may run you into a statute of limitation problem. The court holds the plaintiff responsible to make the proper service of process within the time limitation. Therefore, if you are not up on your legal game the defendant may get the case thrown out, and escape liability based on lack of personal jurisdiction. When you use a CLR process server it is next to difficult for a defendant to get out of a lawsuit by the reason of lack of personal jurisdiction. A CLR process server knows all the tricks of what a defendant may use to avoid personal jurisdiction. Thus, the CLR process server submits an affidavit to the court with the particulars that the court needs to affirm personal jurisdiction over the defendant. Furthermore, when you use a CLR process server it demonstrate to the court that you have exercise due diligence in trying to locate, and serve the defendant. If you did not serve the defendant in the required time, the court may grant you a continuance if you can prove that you have aggressively and continually made every effort to serve the defendant within the limited amount of time, but for the defendant’s evasion you were unable to do so. The court does not like to take just your word that you have exercise due diligence, because the court of law is based on proof. When you get an affidavit of a CLR process server it will contain the pertinent details that the court needs to decide whether or not to grant an extension of time to serve the defendant, or that the court can grant other means by which defendant may be served.

Second, the Rule of Civil Procedure allows that anyone 18 years or older may serve the defendant. However, when an inexperience person or non-caring person is used to serve service of process many things can go haywire. The inexperience person or non-caring person may serve service of process improperly by serving it to someone at defendant’s residence, who is under the required age to receive process, or the person who signs for it does not reside at the defendant’s residence. The inexperience server or non-caring person may serve it to the wrong person, by assuming it was the right person. The inexperience or non-caring person may fall for tricks, or intimidation of a defendant. A defendant may be in their house, but does not answer the door because they are expecting to be served some time. The inexperience server or non-caring person may just give up without knowing that the court requires a certain amount of attempts, and the different times at when attempts must be made and documented. The inexperience server or non-caring person may not know how to lay-wait the defendant, or want to lay wait the defendant for hours in order to serve the defendant with service of process. There are too many tricks to mention that defendant may use behind personal jurisdiction to avoid a lawsuit that they really cannot defend beyond personal jurisdiction. However, CLR process servers will overcome them.

HCG Drops: Miracle or Mystery for Dieters?

hCG Drops are now used for weight loss, however, where it is remarkable, is that it ‘unlocks’ the fatty deposits that previously refused to budge such as those on the thighs and tops of the arms in women (known as “bingo wings”). It does not use up normal fat deposits (those needed for energy) or structural fat (fat that sits as padding between the organs). Traditionally, dieters who go on crash diets find that they burn up muscle and fat and end up feeling tired and exhausted and then, once they stop dieting, pile back on the weight and more.

Obesity problems may be not as dramatic as having cancer, but often causes life long suffering. Careers have been ruined and lives cut short. There’s no doubt the world would be a happier place for many people if some way could be found to cope with this universal problem that many a person suffers from.

Treating obesity with the HCG drops + diet method involves a part of the hypothalamus called the diencephalon. This is a very complex organ. From an evolutionary point of view it is one of the oldest organs in our body and its evolutionary history dates back more than 500 million years. This has tendered it extraordinarily adaptable and that is one of the main reasons why the human species was able to evolve. What its evolution did not prepare it for were the conditions to which human culture and civilization now expose it – that of regular meals, often laden with saturated fats.

It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that hcg drops are not sex-hormones! The action of HCG is identical in men, women, and children.

The complex balance between the use of HCG drops and the control of the calorie intake and the types of food that can be eaten, and the need to increase water intake while using HCG drops, mean sthat people often misunderstand how to use the treatment, then say it fails, or that it sounds too good to be true.

There are reputable Papers written on the use of HCG, though, and studies of patients for whom the treatment has been highly successful.

Whatever your view of HCG Diet, whether to try it or avoid it, there’s no doubt that the addition of this educational and comprehensive website can only be good for the industry and for the education of the public as a whole on this controversial topic.

CLICK HERE to learn more about hCG Diet drops and find out where you can purchase them directly from the leading companies.