1959 Opel P1 Website Launched

gtony 300x179 1959 Opel P1 Website LaunchedThe subject of countless interviews for television, radio, film and print, this is the world-famous and world-renowned Opel Experimental prototype. It holds the world record to date for a gasoline-powered vehicle of its size and only mild modification from the original stock pushrod engine.

This 1959 Opel P1  became a Shell Experimental Car in 1973. It  is unmolested and appears complete just as it was during Shell Oil Co’s test. The team individual names who developed and prepared the car are painted on the rear deck. This car was ‘ forgotten’ at the Talledega SuperSpeedway’s Motorsports Hall of Fame, and was purchased from the Track when they liquidated some inventory.

This is the new official website of the world-record setting 1959 Opel P-1 Hardtop—the car that shattered the record: http://www.376mpg.com/